We have started this blog site to entertain you and there is no better person to feature on this blog than the current US President Donald J. Trump. He has been the center of attraction of many funny memes and jokes that are circulating all over the world on the internet since he took up the US President’s job. Right from his induction as the President to all his current office work and his habits have become a chit chat option for all people and have attracted many people to see the funny side of all his serious activities.

This blog will give you the funny insights of Donald Trump and his activities as the US President. Whatever he does has something funny in it and this is carried out in detail with the right dose of laughter and fun in this blog. You will get to read all kinds of funny stuff about the President of the United States. This is a blog for all people looking for some light-hearted entertainment on the net. We strive to make all the articles and features carried out in our blog to make it as funny as possible in order to give our readers happy moments whenever they visit our blog. We guarantee you that you will laugh your heart out and also enjoy some of the best jokes on the President whenever you visit the blog. We cover everything that Trump does right from his hairstyle to his gestures and his speeches.