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Donald Trump And The Famous Apprentice Show

Apprentice Show

You might all have by now become familiar with the Apprentice Show. Those who have not watched it so far would be willing to watch the show as it featured the current President of the United States, Donald Trump as the host of the show.

Apprentice Show

The Apprentice was a game show that featured on the NBC from January 2004. It has so far run for 14 seasons and is a show that judges the business acumen of the group of contestants who are taking part in the show.

Donald Trump was a real estate tycoon then and was the host of the show. Many of the people believe that he currently runs the country as the President, in the same manner, he hosted the show. He has made the President’s Office into a reality show. He hosted the show for 14 seasons on the trot and stopped hosting it after he declared that he would be running for the post of the President of the United States.

Trump gained huge popularity and fame through the show and was known as the employer of the apprentices. As the man is known to create controversy in whatever he does or says, Trump also was known as the host of the show for the wrong reasons. He once fired the Apprentice show contestant for talking about poop in the locker room. Trump has said that he feels that men talk about grabbing the women’s private parts and also talk about sex in the locker room but poop? ….well apparently that’s a no go. 

He had fired a pro wrestler Maria Kanellis for talking about bowel movements of a contestant in the 2010 episode of Celebrity Apprentice. There were two kinds of Apprentice reality show hosted by Trump; one was the Regular Apprentice show and the other the Celebrity Apprentice show. My friend who worked at Las Vegas Best Pavers at the time,  almost made it on the show but lost the role in the final cuts. There was also some Trump recording that was released during his prior to his presidency that talked about kissing a woman and grabbing a woman by her p**sy. without her consent  He was a star and hence he could do anything was what he said. Later, Trump said that it has been just a locker room talk and should not be blown out of proportion.

Trump defended that bragging about women and talking about sexual assaults on women are all locker room talk and that has to be left there. It is an irony that Trump runs the show as the President of the United States in the same way that he ran the Apprentice show.


First Article Of Impeachment Filed By A Democrat Against Trump


There has been filed a formal article of impeachment by a Democratic representative, Brad Sherman against Donald Trump. He has alleged that Trump has obstructed justice when he fired James Comey, the former FBI Director while agency investigations were ongoing regarding allegations whether the Russians meddled with US elections. The firing of FBI Director came by when agency investigations were ongoing and this amounted to obstruction of justice. Mr. Sherman stated in an article that the conduct of the President amounts to impeachment, trial and subsequent removal from office. There were several protests across the US subsequently.


Impeachment as per the US Constitution happens in cases of bribery, treason, misdemeanors and high crimes of other categories. Even obstruction of justice falls under such category and constitutes a felony offense. For articles of impeachment to be affected, they need to be passed by the House with the help of a vote supported by the majority. That is unlikely to happen as the Republicans control the chambers today. Till date another Democrat, Al Green who is a Texas representative has expressed his support publicly for impeachment proceedings to be taken up against the President.

Mr. Sherman circulated a draft article on the impeachment last month and he was denounced as selfish by Michael Capuano, a fellow Democratic representative. Mr. Sherman then issued a statement that stated that he did not expect impeachment to take place with immediate effect, but he hoped that his article would lead to an intervention to take place and encourage control of uncontrollable impulses by the executive branch. If such actions were not seen evident, Republicans will then support the effort or push for impeachment. The article that Mr. Sherman issued stated many actions of Trump that was evident before and after the termination, that obstructed the course of justice.

Mr. Sherman cited instances, such as when the President asked Mr. Comey to drop the case or let it go. He also tried to direct the investigations to be handled by Michael Flynn, the national security adviser. He finally puts Trump at fault for firing Mr. Comey from the post of FBI Director, stating that this was done when the Russian investigation was ongoing and in an attempt to put a stop to the investigations.

The White House has provided different accounts to justify why Mr. Comey was fired, but Trump himself admitted to NBC that the story between Russia and Trump was simply made up. There have been other comments of Trump as stated by Representatives such as how he faced pressure regarding Russian investigations which are now taken off.


Trump’s Talk Is Loose And Confusing On Nuclear Tests Done By North Korea

North Korea

The world and Americans are still on their way to understanding how Donald Trump works and operates. However, till now they have seen only enough of the president to know that he will have difficulty putting down the recent steps that North Korea has been taking by carrying out a number of nuclear tests. Most know that Trump likes to walk the walk, but here he might be sounded empty words. He might feel the need to take action instead of simply talking which might have harmful repercussions.

North Korea

South Korea was recently flexing their muscles with respect to their arm missiles, carrying out drills that might be in response to the sixth test in nuclear arms that North Korea has carried out. Indeed, there is an air of unpredictability in the way Kim Jong-un plans things in Pyongyang and Trump administration might not be helping the situation with the kind of loose language and messages they issue out.

For instance, the weapon test that North Korea carried out last weekend got James Mattis, the US defense secretary issuing a statement saying that, if any, the threat was found to Guam, the US or their allies, there would be counteractive response given. However, it might be pertinent to think that the weapons program that North Korea has and what Pyongyang stated about attacking the US itself should be considered as a threat. In fact, Mattis even added that they would not look at annihilating North Korea entirely in order to assure North Koreans who might be worried as to what was meant by his prior statement where he stated that there might be a military response given on a massive scale.

Trump also stated that we’ll see the situation as to whether a US attack was imminent. This was reported as the president would not rule out such a possibility. However, Trump has made warnings before that included terms like “locked and loaded” or “fire and fury” that might now seem to be in retreat mode. Hence, the global mood moves on the bleak side and politicians seem to take endless circles around questions that they do not want to answer directly and pushing options around. It is akin to children pushing the peas around on their dinner plate as they are reluctant to eat them.

Many have pertinent questions regarding the concerns that should come to neighboring countries as North Korea has nearly achieved nuclear power. Some experts argue that Kim is simply making his hermit kingdom respectable in the rest of the world and to ensure that he gets equal treatment as he now has nuclear status to boast of. Others wonder whether Trump has to acquiesce to Kim’s demands. It all seems unclear by the confusing stance that the White House has taken at present.

Legal Obstacles Evident For Trump If DACA Gets His Defense

Trump Legal Obstacles Evident

Legal Obstacles Evident For Trump If DACA Gets His Defense

On Tuesday, President Trump will announce his decision as to whether he will keep the deportation amnesty that had been given to illegal immigrants of the Dreamers category. For this, he has to make legal calculations as per the verdict of political analysts.

Trump Legal Obstacles Evident

Activists have been putting up furious actions in the rear to ensure that the deportation amnesty remains as was obtained during Obama’s presidency. They have been putting forward political appeals to Trump, stating that he needs to keep the program active or else there would be outrage on humanitarian grounds among from different groups and sides.

The analysis, however, state that Trump will make a legal and calculated decision for this and that is all it would amount to. The amnesty that was given in 2012, known as DACA in the government circles, might not have much chance of being upheld even with the president’s decision to defend the same. The deadline that the decision needs to be made by Mr. Trump was brought on by Texas State which has also won a similar injunction against another amnesty that had been declared by the Obama government in 2014.

The federal courts struck the amnesty of 2014 and it is likely that the Dreamer policy of 2012 will be blocked out as well. However, the White House is taking its time about it; they insist that the decision is being mulled over. Meanwhile, immigrant groups are piling on the pressure and highlighting some of the success stories that have shown through on many DACA recipients. For instance, there is a DACA recipient who works as a paramedic in Texas and is currently assisting the flood relief efforts in Houston area. He fears that he would be deported once the program’s tenure expires and if it is not extended.

Thoughts Of Donald Trump That Are Out Of The World

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, even before taking up the US President Post, has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. He has done some of the ridiculous things to enjoy fame. He is considered to be the funniest President of the United States of America and this is why you see a lot of memes and funny posts about Trump circulating all over the world. He is the center of attraction in the internet world for all the wrong reasons. He has turned the US Presidency into an advertisement on the reality TV. There needs to be a lot of guts and immense balls needed to do what Trump does in the public. He even gets away with whatever he does.

Donald Trump

Here, let us take a look at some of the insane things that Donald Trump has done before he became the President of the United States.

Golden toilet fittings on planes

The Eastern Airlines routes were seeing a downhill in 1988. Trump had planned to buy them and to make the route an expensive one. He increased the rates of the flights by bringing out chrome seat belt latches, maple wood floor veneers and the best of them was the introduction of the gold-plated toilet fittings. The purchase for these plane modifications was financed by 22 banks and the amount that they loaned was $380 million. He defaulted the loan amount to the bank and the banks had to take control of the Trump airline assets. They could do nothing with it as they were not able to sell it or use them and finally had to negotiate a settlement with him.

Suing people and banks were his hobbies

There was an article carried in the New York Times by author Timothy O-Brien that Trump had only 250 million dollars. Trump went on to sue the author for five billion. This was considered to be one of the funniest types of suing that Trump had carried out then. This is not all. He was valued at three-quarters of a billion by the Deutsche Bank and this did not go well with him. He objected to their legal documents. Trump had an argument with the Forbes magazine when they carried an article that stated that he valued at three billion. He has his say on every legal and financial fact file and only has ideas of suing everyone who talks about his value.