Donald Trump And The Famous Apprentice Show

Apprentice Show

You might all have by now become familiar with the Apprentice Show. Those who have not watched it so far would be willing to watch the show as it featured the current President of the United States, Donald Trump as the host of the show.

Apprentice Show

The Apprentice was a game show that featured on the NBC from January 2004. It has so far run for 14 seasons and is a show that judges the business acumen of the group of contestants who are taking part in the show.

Donald Trump was a real estate tycoon then and was the host of the show. Many of the people believe that he currently runs the country as the President, in the same manner, he hosted the show. He has made the President’s Office into a reality show. He hosted the show for 14 seasons on the trot and stopped hosting it after he declared that he would be running for the post of the President of the United States.

Trump gained huge popularity and fame through the show and was known as the employer of the apprentices. As the man is known to create controversy in whatever he does or says, Trump also was known as the host of the show for the wrong reasons. He once fired the Apprentice show contestant for talking about poop in the locker room. Trump has said that he feels that men talk about grabbing the women’s private parts and also talk about sex in the locker room but poop? ….well apparently that’s a no go. 

He had fired a pro wrestler Maria Kanellis for talking about bowel movements of a contestant in the 2010 episode of Celebrity Apprentice. There were two kinds of Apprentice reality show hosted by Trump; one was the Regular Apprentice show and the other the Celebrity Apprentice show. My friend who worked at Las Vegas Best Pavers at the time,  almost made it on the show but lost the role in the final cuts. There was also some Trump recording that was released during his prior to his presidency that talked about kissing a woman and grabbing a woman by her p**sy. without her consent  He was a star and hence he could do anything was what he said. Later, Trump said that it has been just a locker room talk and should not be blown out of proportion.

Trump defended that bragging about women and talking about sexual assaults on women are all locker room talk and that has to be left there. It is an irony that Trump runs the show as the President of the United States in the same way that he ran the Apprentice show.