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First Article Of Impeachment Filed By A Democrat Against Trump


There has been filed a formal article of impeachment by a Democratic representative, Brad Sherman against Donald Trump. He has alleged that Trump has obstructed justice when he fired James Comey, the former FBI Director while agency investigations were ongoing regarding allegations whether the Russians meddled with US elections. The firing of FBI Director came by when agency investigations were ongoing and this amounted to obstruction of justice. Mr. Sherman stated in an article that the conduct of the President amounts to impeachment, trial and subsequent removal from office. There were several protests across the US subsequently.


Impeachment as per the US Constitution happens in cases of bribery, treason, misdemeanors and high crimes of other categories. Even obstruction of justice falls under such category and constitutes a felony offense. For articles of impeachment to be affected, they need to be passed by the House with the help of a vote supported by the majority. That is unlikely to happen as the Republicans control the chambers today. Till date another Democrat, Al Green who is a Texas representative has expressed his support publicly for impeachment proceedings to be taken up against the President.

Mr. Sherman circulated a draft article on the impeachment last month and he was denounced as selfish by Michael Capuano, a fellow Democratic representative. Mr. Sherman then issued a statement that stated that he did not expect impeachment to take place with immediate effect, but he hoped that his article would lead to an intervention to take place and encourage control of uncontrollable impulses by the executive branch. If such actions were not seen evident, Republicans will then support the effort or push for impeachment. The article that Mr. Sherman issued stated many actions of Trump that was evident before and after the termination, that obstructed the course of justice.

Mr. Sherman cited instances, such as when the President asked Mr. Comey to drop the case or let it go. He also tried to direct the investigations to be handled by Michael Flynn, the national security adviser. He finally puts Trump at fault for firing Mr. Comey from the post of FBI Director, stating that this was done when the Russian investigation was ongoing and in an attempt to put a stop to the investigations.

The White House has provided different accounts to justify why Mr. Comey was fired, but Trump himself admitted to NBC that the story between Russia and Trump was simply made up. There have been other comments of Trump as stated by Representatives such as how he faced pressure regarding Russian investigations which are now taken off.