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Trump’s Talk Is Loose And Confusing On Nuclear Tests Done By North Korea

North Korea

The world and Americans are still on their way to understanding how Donald Trump works and operates. However, till now they have seen only enough of the president to know that he will have difficulty putting down the recent steps that North Korea has been taking by carrying out a number of nuclear tests. Most know that Trump likes to walk the walk, but here he might be sounded empty words. He might feel the need to take action instead of simply talking which might have harmful repercussions.

North Korea

South Korea was recently flexing their muscles with respect to their arm missiles, carrying out drills that might be in response to the sixth test in nuclear arms that North Korea has carried out. Indeed, there is an air of unpredictability in the way Kim Jong-un plans things in Pyongyang and Trump administration might not be helping the situation with the kind of loose language and messages they issue out.

For instance, the weapon test that North Korea carried out last weekend got James Mattis, the US defense secretary issuing a statement saying that, if any, the threat was found to Guam, the US or their allies, there would be counteractive response given. However, it might be pertinent to think that the weapons program that North Korea has and what Pyongyang stated about attacking the US itself should be considered as a threat. In fact, Mattis even added that they would not look at annihilating North Korea entirely in order to assure North Koreans who might be worried as to what was meant by his prior statement where he stated that there might be a military response given on a massive scale.

Trump also stated that we’ll see the situation as to whether a US attack was imminent. This was reported as the president would not rule out such a possibility. However, Trump has made warnings before that included terms like “locked and loaded” or “fire and fury” that might now seem to be in retreat mode. Hence, the global mood moves on the bleak side and politicians seem to take endless circles around questions that they do not want to answer directly and pushing options around. It is akin to children pushing the peas around on their dinner plate as they are reluctant to eat them.

Many have pertinent questions regarding the concerns that should come to neighboring countries as North Korea has nearly achieved nuclear power. Some experts argue that Kim is simply making his hermit kingdom respectable in the rest of the world and to ensure that he gets equal treatment as he now has nuclear status to boast of. Others wonder whether Trump has to acquiesce to Kim’s demands. It all seems unclear by the confusing stance that the White House has taken at present.